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Follow the orange arrows on the signs as you walk

Larry and Monica Zink of Navarre painted the “Valor” mural in 2001, funded privately with a campaign spearheaded by former Mayor Cicchinelli.  It represents local veterans from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam Conflict. 

Find their names at the bottom of the mural.  Particularly interesting portraits include Harvey, the canine mascot of the Union regiment mustered in at Massillon; Mary Owens Jenkins, who disguised herself as a man to serve as a Union Army messenger; and Robert Pinn, an African American Civil War hero who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valor.

Directions: Walk one block west on Federal Avenue.  Turn right onto First Street Northwest toward the car wash.  Stay to the left of the car wash on Weirich Boulevard until it dead-ends into Agathon Avenue.  Turn left at the stop sign and continue a short distance to the sharp curve where Agathon Avenue turns into Tommy Henrich Boulevard.  Turn left and stop to view the mural on the end of the shopping center on your left.