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2 Miles
1.5 Miles
1 Mile
1.5 Miles

Each walk is 1-2 miles, which is about a *30-45 minute walk, average pace ( longer for folks listening to the guided tour). Completing this takes about *3,000- 4000 steps; which is about 30-40% of the recommended steps per day by the American Heart Association

Just by choosing to do any of these walking paths, you burn approx. *150- 200 calories!

We recommend that you get acquainted with an amazing community resource, the Massillon City Health Dept. There you will find valuable resources to improve your family’s health and lifestyle. (

Other benefits of walking just one of these paths a day:

  • Cuts the rate of developing diabetes by half
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease (AHA)
  • Prevents and treats depression with an 80% success rate
  • Cuts chances of having a stroke by 25%

For an energy pick my up, try to double your pace in between every other stop to increase heart rate.

Improving the quality of your life is not about a new diet or expensive piece of equipment you’ll never use. It is about making the decision to alter your life style and realize the physical and mental improvements we are all capable of. The best advice is that it’s easier to do it with others. I invite you to check out the expertise and new friendships you’ll find at The Massillon YMCA ( and Massillon Rec Center ( 

**These values are averages based off of 125 lbs * 185 lb persons and a pace of 20 min/1 mile
Massillon Rec Center