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  • The Massillon Rotary Foundation
  • Massillon Main Street
  • Massillon Museum: Alexandra Nicholis Coon and Mandy Altimus Stahl
  • Massillon Library: Sherie Brown and Christine Bowman
  • The City of Massillon: Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry and Barbara Sylvester and staff
  • Massillon Health Dept: Anita Combs and the whole staff
  • Massillon YMCA: Jim Stanford and staff
  • Neil Hodgkiss and Sandi Kandle-graphic designer/Massillon Plaque
  • Studer Signs: Jean Morris and Frank Morris
  • Massillon Street Dept (sign crew): Joel Voorhes and Diane Stutzman

The creative team:

  • Margy Vogt (Tour Design, Photographer, and Artist)
  • Phillip Elum (President Massillon Main Street)
  • William Dewald (recording engineer)
  • Tim Patterson (Web design)
  • Marshall Weinberg (Massillon Rotary Foundation)