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Follow the green arrows on the signs as you walk

20 Sixth Street, S.E

On February 9, 1899, at a meeting in Loeffler Hall at the southwest corner of Tremont Avenue and Erie Street, sixteen Massillonians officially organized the Massillon Baptist Church.  They purchased their first building, located at the corner of First and South Streets, within a few months.

In 1920, when members of Welsh Baptist Church in East Greenville united with the Massillon Baptist Church, the name was changed to First Baptist Church of Massillon.

In 1945, in anticipation of the end of the War and the return of many of its members, the Church purchased the Fox Mansion, located at this present site.  The residence had formerly been the home of Caroline McCullough Everhard, who from 1890 to 1900 presided over the Ohio Suffrage Association.  With her leadership, Ohio women gained the right to vote on school issues, serve on school boards, and vote for municipal issues.  She worked hand-in-hand with national leaders such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

During seven years of extensive renovations, the congregation held services in the carriage house, which can still be seen behind the church.  The new sanctuary was dedicated on December 21, 1952.  The education wing was completed in 1969.

Directions: Turn right (toward downtown) on Lincoln Way and walk two blocks to Fourth Street.  Turn right and walk one block to the corner of Federal Avenue.