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 Follow the blue arrows on the signs as you walk

The four pedestals on the left honor men who exemplified courage during the Civil War.  William Pittenger was among Andrews Raiders who commandeered a Confederate railroad engine, wreaking havoc in Georgia. He came to Massillon after his military service to become the pastor of First Methodist Church.  William Richardson, captured in Virginia by the Confederates, learned some of their secrets, escaped, and passed valuable information to the Union Army.  George V. Kelley captured the Confederate flag at the battle of Franklin, Tennessee.  And Robert Pinn, of the U.S. Colored Troops, took command of his unit when all the officers had been killed or wounded—though he was wounded three times.
The two tributes on the right remember local World War II casualties.  William Epperson threw himself on a grenade to save his comrades and Robert Scott kept the engines of the S.S. California running until his last breath so his shipmates could evacuate as Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor.

Directions: Keep walking toward Lincoln Way along Veterans Memorial Park, stopping in just one block, when you reach Charles Avenue.  Look at the lovely park as you pass.