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 Follow the blue arrows on the signs as you walk

The Lincoln Theatre first brightened Lincoln Way in 1915.  Dorothy Gish starred in “Old Heidelberg,” one of the films shown that year.  She and her sister, Lillian, spent time in Massillon as girls, when they didn’t have acting gigs.  The theatre was an active movie house until 1977.  For a short time it was the venue for Massillon’s live theatre company, Ten Star Theatre, but by 1982, the stage was again empty.  The Massillon Lions Club purchased the theatre and brought back movies until more recently, when live music is the focus.

Directions: Walk to the corner and cross Lincoln Way to return to the start of your one-mile walk.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your walk and learned some interesting facts about Massillon sites and history.  There’s so much more to tell.  Please join Margy Vogt or Mandy Altimus Stahl for an in-person tour. 

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Savor the rich history of this wonderful community!