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Follow the purple arrows on the signs as you walk

City Hall Street

Once you’ve enjoyed the gallery, you’ve completed your one and a half mile walk.  Congratulations!  Your starting point, the Massillon Museum, is opposite the plaques.  If you’d like to have a little booklet, Femininity in Football City, stop at the Museum’s reception desk during business hours to ask for a free copy.

For more detailed and interactive in-person tours, join Margy Vogt or Mandy Altimus Stahl for a walking tour of downtown Massillon, Historic Fourth Street, or Massillon Cemetery

Visit for a complete schedule.

Please celebrate the rich heritage of this community!  Thanks for walking with me

Directions: Turn left and cross City Hall Street to look at the new gallery of notable Massillonians on the wall!  Please particularly read the plaques honoring Charity Rotch, Essie Wooton, Rose Bampton, and Mary Bowman—four notable Massillon women we haven’t already highlighted.