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Follow the purple arrows on the signs as you walk

Private Residence – 225 Fourth Street, N.E.

When Jan Ruetz DeGaetani was growing up in this house, she often practiced her vocal lessons on the porch, to the delight of neighbors.

Known for her mezzo-soprano performances of contemporary classical compositions, by the mid-20th century, she was called the “Queen of the Avant Garde.”  She performed one of the largest repertoires of any professional singer of her era—ranging fro Renaissance music to Cole Porter tunes.

Her creamy voice was wide in range, perfectly placed and produced, always on pitch, and handled with consummate artistry.”

The New York Times
Jan Ruetz DeGaetani

Directions: Now walk south—the same direction you’ve been walking—to the next corner and pause before crossing North Avenue—facing the dark stone mansion on your left, Five Oaks.  It’s the home of the Massillon Woman’s Club.