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Follow the green arrows on the signs as you walk

127 Cherry Road, N.E.

The formal organization of St. Paul’s Church is recorded as January 1, 1864.  The congregation first built a school where the dark brick parish hall now stands.  The first house of worship was erected on the site of the present church building the following year.  

The church you see now was completed in 1928.  Outstanding interior features include a beamed ceiling, Moravian tile floors, carved wooden screens, and a simple marble altar. The nave is adorned with historic stained glass windows depicting Biblical characters and scenes from both the Old and New Testaments.

The people of St. Paul’s are especially proud of their Schantz pipe organ, which was completed in 1996.  

The congregation won the hearts of the community, when, in 2006, its neighbor, St. Mary Church, suffered a serious fire and St. Paul’s invited their Roman Catholic neighbors to worship in their building for about a year.

Directions: Now, turn around to look across Cherry Road at St. Mary Roman Catholic Church.  The darkened stone was partially cleaned, highlighting the details of its impressive façade.